Thursday, April 28, 2011


The only thing worse than Donald Trump is the people who think he would be a grand president of the United States of America. This would also include the media who give press to the eject totally ignoring President Obama's call for dealing with important issues facing the country.

Trump wants the spotlight upon him, not on issues dealing with unemployment, home foreclosures, the Afghanistan war, the budget, teachers losing jobs and all the rest of the issues Congress and President Obama are working to solve. Or not working to solve. How would I know, MSM is more interested in giving me news about Trump, Beck, Palin, Bachman, Charlie Sheen and the rest of them.

Oh, media does like to talk about President Obama's approval ratings. Well, gee, of course people are disapproving ~ they are not aware of anything he does, because they are too busy parroting the lies their heroes are telling them. The citizens themselves, people I  call ejects out of frustration for their idiocy, have shifted the blame to President Obama, when the blame belongs upon them and everyone else ~ those named (except Charlie Sheen) and Huckabee, Philip Berg, Andy Martin ~ the list is long ~ that continues to demand proof from President Obama .

Never mind that they are the laughing stock of all the sane, sensible people who know President Obama was in fact born in Hawaii, son of a U.S. citizen mother, and Kenyan father. Shameful that even elected officials and wannabe presidents do not know what the constitution says about who will be considered "Natural Born Citizens" ~ ONE parent who is a U.S. citizen. Too bad President Obama did not simply read that part of the Constitution and then say "Shut the fuck up". Well, he would not be that crude, too much of a gentleman to stoop to their level.

There is no silencing the people who were preconceived to believe anything bad they hear about President Obama. Why are they so hellbent on believing lie upon lie, despite proof that they are lies? I formed my opinion. One being that if the likes of Trump can keep the public focused on him, he is distracting them from ever learning the truth ~ smear campaigns are probably as old as politics ~ those who utilize them, show a decided lack of maturity, law of morals, lack of anything credible that would make them an excellent candidate for any public office.

Worse than Trump are the ejects who would vote for people who show lack of maturity, lack of morals, lack of any goodness ~ all for their own popularity, not at all concerned about leading citizens, like a Pied Piper to destruction. Ejects!

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