Tuesday, April 5, 2011


"WHILE Washington wrangles over how much can be cut from a sliver of the federal budget — the 12 percent that makes up non defense discretionary spending — responsible politicians from both sides of the aisle know that the real issue is entitlement programs like Social Security." Alicia H Munnell, April 4, 2011


Entitlement? The government implemented a retirement program, then started deducting money out of workers paychecks, with the understanding that when a person reached retirement age, they would be given a small pension. Yes, indeed, people who paid into the system are entitled to get what was promised to them. Any non-citizen benefiting from Social Security, yes indeed, cut them off and save some cash.

Social Security is a separate item funded by a separate tax. It does not pay for the military unless of course, a soldier was injured on tour of duty ~ mentally or physically disabled. When a parent died leaving minor children Social Security provides, as it does when a spouse dies. It does not provide a lot, depending upon, of course, the deceased's income level.

Giving Social Security disability payments to young alcoholics that never or hardly ever worked does irk me. By young, I mean men in their 20s or 30s. I suppose being an alcoholic is a disability, yet it reminds me of being married to one, doing without to take care of responsibilities, like paying the rent or for his toll calls so the telephone would not be shut off. I imagine taxpayers who earned a lot more money than I ever did, would likewise not want to support a drunk who did not contribute to the system.

In addition Social Security had a surplus of money. The gov loaned it to another branch of the gov and were not repaid. So, hey, man,lets fix the budget mess by cutting this entitlement program. I would start balancing our fed budget by taking back all those Congress people raises they gave themselves that outpaced inflation and the average citizens' paycheck. Talk about entitlement. Harrumph.

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