Sunday, April 10, 2011


I must say the copy/paste message that I have been seeing on my Facebook wall caused me to spend some time getting facts. My comment to the post is something like: The president has to earn more than Supreme Court Justices and Congress people. When Bill Clinton was president, he had to increase president pay, to comply with our Constitution, after Congress handed out enough raises to themselves and Supreme Court Justices to exceed presidential pay.

The Facebook meme begins Dear Mr. President ~ not Dear Members of Congress (who were responsible for threatening to shut down the government because they are unwilling to compromise on the budget). Snopes explains how this erroneous meme got its start making the rounds on Facebook: Military Pay Freeze

A man who posted this Dear Mr. President copy/paste replied to my comment ~ most do not ~ that it is just to show how they feel, because I suggested it would be better to write to members of Congress and President Obama. He said, the gist, "well maybe he would read it". Misunderstanding, thus I elaborated ~ if a few million postcards a day flooded the White House and Congress, with the Facebook meme message, it would most definitely reach the eyes of President Obama and members of Congress. Not that they care or would do anything differently.

Since it was I who suggested copying and pasting a message on Facebook will not do a thing to change a thing, I went in search of info to learn when and how President Obama planned to freeze military pay. Glad I did not just fire off an angry letter. Among the things I learned: President Obama gave our troops an increase in pay ~ not a big one, mind you, but he is not trying to deprive military of pay ~ "all other government workers", yes he would freeze their pay.

Maybe Glen Beck started the erroneous meme on its rounds at Facebook to negatively impact President Obama's reputation. I took the time to research the topic. Most do not and simply believe and are influenced by what they read.  Another niece posted an image with a message on the same subject. I scanned through comments, there were many, all up in arms that President Obama does not want to pay the troops.

Hear me singing? ...look at all these rumors surrounding me everyday, I need some time, some time to get do rumors get started, started by the jealous that tune

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