Saturday, April 30, 2011

Playing The Blame Game

"If I were to give the Republicans credit for one thing it would be their ability to get middle class America to vote against their own best interests. The Republicans have somehow convinced them that they care about them and that they will somehow be better off voting with them." Les Robbins, Playing The Blame Game

I have no idea who the people who comment on news articles and blogs. It hardly matters what a news article is about, someone turns it into a political debate. The debate is usually started by someone mentioning liberal scumbags or attacking President Obama. Then there are the holier than thou God posts, mainly from Christians. 

Its all you liberal scumbags fault that the child was kidnapped,  those sheeple elected Barry Hussein Sotero  Osama, sent to us by the devil. Impeach him!!!

Oy vey. Yes, I am making that up, but not exaggerating by much. I never think: gee, these middle class Americans are nasty when they are hiding behind a user name on the Internet. I think they are posted by people with a very low degree of education, manners, sophistication and maturity. They are, I think, the sheeple, following leaders who pander to their fears, feeding them with lies.

I am neither a liberal,, nor a conservative, yet I have been slammed with names such as: Commie, hippie, leftie, bleeding-heart liberal, Un-American, using with at least one cuss word included, not counting the F-word. Due to word "liberal" being thrown into the mix, I assume the comments were posted by conservatives, leading me to believe that conservatives are ugly Americans.

Attacking people rather than listening to opposing viewpoints, and then, discussing the ideas, refuting lies or stereotypes with facts seems to be the norm. 

Mr. Robbins begins, Playing the Blame Game: "I have cannot remember a period in which politics were as volatile and government as dysfunctional as they are today." I do not know if that is true, the "today" part, for all I know it has always been thus, but it sure seems like it to me. I also know that the tit for tat bickering is not going to solve any issues. How does the quote go? Fix the problem, not the blame. 

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