Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bid Laden Conspiracy

Facebook comments on the White House video site were repetitive, many expressing disbelief, saying it was an Obama re-election ploy, releasing of birth certificate leading up to this, not being a co-incidence and la-de-da. Due to Bin Laden being brought to the forefront of my consciousness, my mind wandered back in time. I learned that if it had been President Bush making this announcement, I would have been right there with the "government hoax" or lie as they posted it. Or I do trust President Obama whereas I mistrusted the Bush administration. People often say Obama lies, but I have yet to verify any suggested lie.

I could say he lied when he said in a debate that he was opposed to mandatory with penalty health insurance. I do not think it a lie, I think he changed his mind, likely due to Hillary Clinton's influence. He did not lie about his Afghanistan stance, nor about ending the Iraq war. Some lady berated me as if I am daft, on a FB friend's status update comment riff. Because he said "be nice now" and I recalled his threat to remove friends (and WTF let him remove me, but let the biatch who started the name-calling, read my reply first) "we are still at war with Iraq". Actually, no the war former President Bush waged against Iraq is over. Yes our troops are still there in limited numbers, but we are no longer fighting the country.

Okay, so first thoughts were of concern for retaliation and niece's safety. Could say second thoughts were of fear, although I did not feel fear, about possibility of end of world as we know it. Not much I can do if the Christian/Hebrew concept of God is real, I am earmarked for eternal hellfire, oh well, do not much like the prospect, but, not much I can do if that god is an evil punitive man desiring to see humans tormented eternally.

Often I re-do my life as I try to fall to sleep at night. Recently I went back to September 11, 2001: do not tell B.J. where you live; okay to call the arsejet, so busy celebrating his next day birthday he has little concern about WTC tragedy. His mother stranded in Chicago. "What if it had been her plane?", I asked.  Well then he would be right out there finding and killing "them". Get new cell phone, do not return his calls to old cell number, if he calls, which in reality he did.  Do not go out to lunch (or was it dinner) with EB.

Yes, the events of September 11, 2001 did affect the course of my life. If only I had not let them do so. I do like the person I was that morning and for a while afterwards. But made some dumb choices that lead me straight to the streets and the sorry state of my life today.

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