Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Facebook friends?

Did you ever notice that your Facebook friends have themes reflected on their status updates? Some it is all about baby, others all about my favorite recording artist, I hate my job, my life sucks, my life is wonderful, I do not have anything to say therefore copy and paste any inane thing comes my way, and so on. Some of my Facebook friends are fond of politics.

I often comment on all of the above, noticing that my Facebook friends seldom, if ever, comment on my Status Updates. I notice that my political minded friends will generate a lot of discussions via their status updates and wonder why those friends never post a comment when I share political news articles or videos. Sometimes I post stuff on my Facebook status updates simply to save them to post here when I get around to opening my Gmail account so that I can access Blogger.

Truly annoying. I used to keep e-mail accounts closed when doing other work on the web. I do not like all these linked accounts at all. I keep my Facebook friends' list to a minimum. Most are relatives or game friends. The more friends I acquire the more scams land on my wall. Scams and inane copy/paste this message because if you do not I will know you are not a True Christian/American/Do not love your son/daughter/mother/father/sister/brother, are going straight to hell when you die.

Ooh, so you know the words to the United States of America Pledge of Allegiance! Wow!!! And who cares if anyone gets offended when you publish it IN ALL CAPS least they do not know you are YELLING For ATTENTION!!!

To each their own. It would be nice if some of my political minded Facebook friends would take time to read, view, comment on the political stuff I share.

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