Thursday, May 5, 2011

Have to credit this man?

The video does not specify from whence it came. It does not appear to be doctored.

News headlines are screaming that President Obama has a lot to thank former President Bush for death of Bin Laden. How so? It was under Bush's terms of office that the United States had its worst terrorist attack ever. Yes, natives to the land we now call the U S of A may claim otherwise, but I am speaking in terms of today, that is, an established United States of America.

All I read back in 2001 regarding planes flying into tall buildings was that our government had fore knowledge of a threatened attack and sat idle letting it happen. I also understand that Bin Laden claimed responsibility for master minding the attack that destroyed the twin towers and WTC Bldg. #7.

Former president, Bush, showed his priority was to avenge his family honor by going after Saddam Hussein, using searching for weapons of mass destruction as an excuse to invade Iraq. That war inflamed passions against the U.S. from people worldwide. It is still costing us budget dollars (which citizens than blame President Obama for authorizing spending to finish up what Bush started).

The credit for locating and capturing Bin Laden (dead) does go to U.S. intelligence, the Navy Seals, specifically the men who accomplished the mission, advisers and President Obama for ultimately deciding to raid the compound without 100% certainty that Bin Laden was actually inside. That took guts.

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