Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Seems some of my Facebook friends are confusing Memorial Day for Veterans Day. On Memorial Day we honor soldiers who died in wars; Veterans Day honors all military veterans.

Anthony Coffaro, from my hometown, New Brunswick, New Jersey, was a few years older than myself. Perhaps he graduated with an older brother. I did know who he was. Other than that, I do not know of any U.S. A. military that were killed on battlefields.

Several of my uncles served in the armed forces, as did classmates or brother's friends I knew well. They survived whatever wars they fought. The uncles did not sit around telling war stories. Nor did my brother's friends. A sister's ex-husband also served in Vietnam, but think he was quickly sent home due to mental health issue. My niece just arrived home from Afghanistan.

Brother Robert was lifetime Army Reserves, never sent to war. His son, Anthony, is also lifetime military, in the Navy, fought in no battles. And so it goes; know many military people; none to go put flowers on a grave for Memorial Day, though could, if I visited old hometown, place on Veterans Day. Yes, I could remember soldiers who died for our country, but the day has no meaning for me.

Best I can do is offer this list of war dead from New Jersey. You can search for names of people you might know from all states and conflicts.

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