Friday, May 6, 2011

Seeing is believing...

Below link is part of someone's post about locating the "official Al-Qaeda website". Pretty much echoes my feelings.

I have been told frequently by the news media in my country (the
United Kingdom), including the BBC, that the decapitation or execution
otherwise of this or that "hostage" has been videoed and uploaded onto
"an Al-Qaeda" website".  I would sincerely like to be able to access
at least one of these mythical "Al-Qaeda websites".
It doesn't strike me as too much to ask, in what purports to be a free
society, to expect a search engine as powerful as Google to be able to
produce at least ONE "Al-Qaeda" site, early on in the search results,
when (all said and done) I search on "Al-Qaeda".

Does "Al-Qaeda" even exist, let alone have websites, some of them
allegedly depicting the execution of "hostages", as is often claimed
nowadays by news media such as the BBC?  I think I have a right to
satisfy myself that I'm not being told the truth my the media where I

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