Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I was up late into the night reading articles about Bin Laden's death. Reading comments. When I could stay connected to Internet spend much time again reading Bin Laden articles and reader comments. One major website is keeping a list of one word reactions to announcement of Bin Laden's murder. I could not come up with one word, thus posted a comment to say as much.

A Facebook friend had posted just after news was making the rounds that people can breathe a sigh of relief. Not me, I said, I am concerned about my niece in Afghanistan. I thought she was too old (over 40) to be sent there. She was to be on her way home, but delayed, likely due to the prison break and other violence. Last I saw her at Facebook was a comment to her sister saying she may be home sooner than she thought.

I guess you can say my first thought is: all hell is going to break out, and poor Sandra is in the thick of things. She has had such a hard time there, physically, at a breaking point of no longer being able to tolerate it. Relieved? Not me. I seldom think about Bin Laden. I thought Al-Qaeda was another person. Color me embarrassed. Yet outcome likely the same. Reprisals for the leader's killing.

Not too far in the back of my mind was a post by a positive thinker Facebook friend a few days ago. Thanks for sharing such positivity about the world's demise on May 12, 2011. I thought it was 5/12/12, but guess I was confused with the Mayan calender version which puts the date at December (or is that October) twenty-something this year? Could it be real? Bin Laden's death the forerunner of earth shattering events on the 12th?

Nope, no relief for me, if anything low-grade anxiety that will not be going away until the 12th has been and gone. And even after. I guess Al-Qaeda does not have nuclear bomb capabilities. Did U.S. precautions make it impossible for them to hi-jack and fly planes into tall buildings. Did I ever believe Bin Laden was responsible fo same? I think he took responsibility as being the master mind behind it, and yet, too many things bothered me.

Like how could a slightly charred passport survive a fire that was so hot it burned steel? I watched over and over again the collapses, the "pull it" order for WTC bldg. #7, read all the explanations, including the proof conclusive, um what is it Popular Mechanics, blah, blah, blah. I believe there were bombs exploded that day. I do not rule out that the building housing the Pentagon and saves could not be pre-wired for demolition in the event of, well, in the event of someone flying planes into the WTC towers.

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