Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do Kock brothers have Herman Cain in their pockets?

"To some liberals, Cain's rise with the help of AFP shows the incredible influence that outside groups controlled by super-wealthy individuals with specific agendas can have on the political process."

Reading comments on various Occupy Wall Street articles, I noticed the usual divide. Interesting that President Obama's remarks concerning the Occupy protesters mentioned the level of frustration shown by citizens. Herman Cain's tact was much different; he views the protesters as whiny babies who want our Cadillac given to them without working to earn their own vehicles. Actually President Obama has it right and Cain is among those the protesters label "the 1%".

I take exception to the percentages. Cain, for instance, may not be among the top wealth holders in the United States, but his voting would reflect the desires of those wealth holders. If the divide were truly 99% to 1%, it seems the ninety-nine could oust representatives elected to serve the people who actually represent the wealthy.  It does not work, because those like Cain are among that ninety-nine percent.
It also will not work, judging from articles' comments regarding the Occupy protests, because among those 99% are citizens still fighting over sides: left, right, Republican, Democrat. My belief is that Republicans are more guilty of favoring the wealthy then Democrats, yet I think it would be grand if that so-called 99% all choose to vote for neither Republicans, nor Democrats. Now that would be something to see.

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