Friday, October 14, 2011

People are frustrated

After reading remarks attributed to Herman Cain and President Obama regarding Occupy Wall Street reported by media, I tried in vain to recall something then Senator Obama said during his campaign speeches. We are more alike than we are different; some take on "Too many people are busy fixing the blame, rather than fixing the problem." The hope that there would be positive change in D.C. did not materialize; instead we have the same old, and the fighter in this corner is wearing red trunks, the fighter in that corner wears blue. Not a purple to be seen among elected reps, nor, it seems, among citizens.

Yes people are frustrated. Social Security earned benefits has now become an entitlement program, according to  what is popularly called the right. The wealthy or upper middle class view those who are not of their stature as being less than. We have as much as a chaste system in place in the United States of America as exists in India. The very system our Constitution was to guard against.

I will explain it this way: an elderly homeless guy told me I should have gotten married, thus I would not have become homeless. It seemed a common conception: females need husbands to support them and all is well. Um, I was married. For thirteen years before I finally left with the clothes on my back. Who was paying the rent, the exorbitant phone bills, filled with hubby's toll calls, the electric, the gas, and so on? The husband? Yeah right. His first stop on payday ~ when he was employed ~ was to the beer distributor, then the State Store to buy Vodka.

Okay, so that old geezer would still place the blame on me for marrying the man. Somewhat correct, yet does not take into account what came before that ill-fated marriage. How did the homeless man become homeless is men are such great providers of family welfare? How did Mr. Cain get where he is? Some wealthy were born into wealthy families. That gave them an immediate advantage over persons born of average or low-income families.

That does not mean the less privileged person does not work, does not pay taxes, does not go to college and so on. If anything, it is the more privileged who have been spoiled, expecting everything to be handed to them upon a silver platter. That is why citizens are so frustrated. We can not fight City Hall; there is not a thing we can do to create a more equitable distribution of wealth. We are stuck with a system we did not create, but were born into.

We know that it is them, the accusers like Cain, who are the creators of our frustrations. We work, we pay our way in life; they raise taxes, they raise prices, we have less spendable income, we struggle. Warren Buffet as example gives huge sums of money to Bill Gates' charitable organization. Both Bill and his wife are paid employees of that organization. Does Gates or his wife need more income? I think not.

I read criteria to receive help from Gates' organization; it was basically set up so that those in dire need of help would not be eligible to get it from that charity, only those who are already advantaged need apply.

Am I making any sense here? Work three jobs to put one roof over one's head, so that they can afford to buy a flight to Mars. Something like that. When people get frustrated they often explode in violence. Those with the most wealth throw crumbs to their employees, when those employees need the whole loaf of bread, all the while watching the bosses consume triple-layer chocolate cake. Boss does not pay enough for employee to buy the loaf of bread, forget about splurging on a yummy cake.

Are citizens saying gimmie the cake? Or give me a decent wage so I too can afford to buy my bread and have some left over for cake?

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