Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Malaysia Tribunal found Bush and Blair Guilty of war crimes

Someone shared this video on Facebook. Congress voted  296-133 to give President Bush unilateral power to  invade Iraq. Are the 296,  including now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, also guilty of war crimes? The Secretary of State is the President's chief foreign affairs adviser. Due to my dislike of then Senator Clinton due to her support of the war in Iraq, it was a major disappointment that President Obama included her in his cabinet.

I have vague recollection from debates that it was shown that Hillary never read the resolution that she agreed upon. I provided quotes in my article On Lies and Politicians: Thoughts to Ponder, that show she claimed to have given "careful consideration" to the war; said her vote for the war was her most important in the Senate; said "we acted on faulty intelligence"; then: "This is George Bush's war...". Please read article for full quotes.

This is relevant today due to another U.S.A. blunder ~ invasion of Iran. Both Clinton and Senator John McCain favored war with Iran during those Democrat party debates in 2008. Now President Obama said he was not against all wars, just dumb wars ~ specifically the one in Iraq. Yet their are rumblings that he will indeed invade Iran on the same pretext: weapons of mass destruction. How sad is that.

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