Wednesday, January 11, 2012


My ABC News, Politics, 'Otus, Match-o-Matic results.

Use image without site's consent ~ the "share" gave two choices: Facebook or Twitter. I do try to avoid political discussions on Facebook. Some of my friends despise President Obama, others worship Ron Paul. No reasoning with either, as one might reason with someone who is less extreme. Also, things like this go away in time and I wanted to keep a record of my results.

Highly unlikely ABC will stumble upon this post, but if you do, and usage of image is in violation of  a copyright, please let me know and I will promptly remove it. Thank you.

I already ruled out Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry, my number two and three matches.

Problem with quizzes like this, two of the questions, my truthful answer was: none of the above, which was not a choice. A third question, I had no opinion; lack knowledge to form one. The multiple choice questions provides quotes from candidates. I found one question which did not truly reflect President Obama's stance on an issue. Judging from statements attributed to candidates, it is likely the issue that had me quickly dismiss both Huntsman and Perry as my potential candidate of choice.

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