Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Actually food stamps are a thing of the past. People who receive food assistance money are issued an EBT card. Money is deposited to the card, the card is used to pay for food purchases in the same manner a debit card works. The program is named: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP.

Sure the system gets abused. A person with an EBT card will approach a shopper in a store, ask shopper to let them pay for the groceries with the EBT card; shopper than gives person the cash equivalent. As an incentive, EBT holder may offer to accept less cash then the total spent on groceries. Or a cashier, usually at a small mom and pop type store, will ring up alcoholic beverages using a food register key. Or hand over cash, less a fee, to then use the EBT card to run up fake charges.

It is not that the people who do that are too lazy to get a job or that they are not hungry. It usually means they are hooked on drugs or alcohol.

The Christian Bible also warns about judging people. Currently the income for a family of four needs to be under about $29,000.  a year and they can not have more than $2,000. in savings. Not for me to judge who among those that participate in SNAP are truly hungry or who are abusing the system.

Those tax dollars used to feed people are put back into the economy via the grocery store or fast food chain that accepts them. The people who administer the program also benefit ~ they have jobs that likely pay enough for them to buy their own food. Even with the cheats I would prefer my tax dollars go towards feeding people than towards killing innocent citizens in other countries.

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