Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State of the Union

Prior to President Obama's  State of the Union address last night, I glanced at news headlines, proclaiming the president was going to use the traditional presidential speech as a re-election campaign tool. I did not read those articles. I am sure every president up for re-election would use the speech in the same manner.

The live stream White House video stopped working about mid-way through the speech. Obama would say a few words, the buffering circle appeared; Obama turns his head slightly; the buffering starts anew. Quite annoying. So annoying, I logged off the Internet and rebooted my computer. Made me wish I still had a television set to watch the speech, start to finish, uninterrupted.

I find State of the Union speeches boring. Due to the Internet, I generally do not watch them at all ~ just read the transcript later, and view highlights on posted videos. Always, not just with the SOTU address, news reporters, misquote whomever spoke, take things out of context, put their own spin on stuff ~ which is why I do take time to read a boring transcript.

Sure enough, minutes after the speech was finished, I saw a big news headline proclaiming President Obama did not tell the nation what state our union is in, but rather was campaigning. Sigh.

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