Thursday, January 26, 2012

Walter Mosley on Newt Gingrich

Walter Mosley wrote  "We are not enemies. If someone has a better plan he or she should ascend to our presidency. If they have lied we should know it. If they are corrupt it must come out. But we cannot allow our emotions to be ignited by hidden messages of fear and hatred. This election is about us working together to implement our brightest potentials, not our basest natures"

Comment lifted without site's permission:


Wow,  another black guy using the race card. Is there alot more people on foodstmps than before he got into office. If so, than he is

The comment tells me Cdog3 is a bigot. All he got from the article is that Walter Mosley is black. Why not Walter Mosley is speaking from a white/Hebrew perspective? More white people (non-Hispanic) are using the SNAP program than African/Americans, but who do people visualize when hearing the words "welfare" or "food stamps"? How then, is "a shout-out to racism" playing a race card?

I would ask Cdog3 those questions by posting my own comment on the article, except I have no idea what my log in info is. CNN clearly has my full name posted in upper right hand corner, with the words "Log out" next to it. Yet comments tells me to log in or sign up to comment. Not worth the bother ~  Cdog3's intelligence is clouded by his (or her) basest nature.

If anything, it is Gingrich playing a race card; Mosley is just talking truth ~ appeal to people's emotions, control their actions. It is a well-known sales tactic ~ want to sell locks, first create fear of robbery, offer safety. It works. Nothing to do with skin color or ethnic backgrounds ~ a black person can be just as fearful as a German person of being robbed or having their home broken into. An Australian can be just as greedy as an Italian.

Men and women all over the world are concerned about appealing to the opposite sex and are quick to buy overpriced products advertised specifically to reach that base nature within them.

President Obama had nothing to do with the rising cost of gasoline; that started during the Bush years, as did record numbers of home foreclosures. The cost of fuel to run vehicles increased the cost of everything delivered, which means more people had less ability to buy food. Would Gingrich or anyone have called former President GW Bush a "food stamp president" because more and more people started getting government help to eat? Not likely because it would have less impact of appealing to bigots basest instincts.

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