Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Laura Richardson honors Whitney Houston

Congresswoman, Laura Richardson, representing California, 37th District rose to praise Whitney Houston, asking for a moment of silence. Read full text at her website.  She did likewise for Soul Train's Don Cornelius. Some people are as mad about that as they are about Governor Christie lowering the flag to honor Whitney.

I want to write this, not research the number of times a celebrity was honored in Congress or rather by a Congress person. I fault Richardson (and Governor) for not mentioning government related good deeds done by Ms. Houston.

She performed two concerts in Washington, D.C. donating a quarter million proceeds to the Children's Defense Fund.  Some consider former President Bush's "No Child Left Behind" act a failure, but it involves Congress, thus worth noting when Richardson sung Houston's praises.

Whitney also raised a million dollars for NYC firefighters disaster fund and police fund following the WTC attacks, by declining royalties on sales of her chart topping rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Definitely worth a mention at a Congress session.

Then there was her Welcome Home Heroes concert honoring troops returning home from Desert Storm.

Perhaps citizens would not get so angry if media and elected representatives honored the singer for her good deeds, not just for her career awards, which were impressive. It seems most are just aware of the drug abuse and sensationalism by tabloids which is enough for them to loathe the singer, feeling she is not deserving praise for her accomplishments.

I find it sad that she got caught up in drugs and that her life ended much too young. And, oh, yes, I live in the 37th district.

For more info about Ms. Houston's charitable works see Whitney-Fan dot com.

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