Friday, March 9, 2012

Contraception & Health Insurance

Senate voted 51 to 48 against their bill to give any employer—not just religious organizations—the right to deny insurance coverage for contraception or any medical services they find “morally objectionable.”

I wonder if those same men who think denying coverage to women that they find "morally objectionable", also want Viagra denied to men.

Truly, I do not know if I agree with health insurance paying for birth control pills. It seems to me that would be similar to health insurance paying for vitamins. I thought the concept was to ensure bills would get paid should a person become ill. Of course our health insurance industry is a mess.

Lobbying by pharmaceutical companies, "bought" elected officials who award contracts based on level of campaign donations; fraud, bilking the government, by medical providers, and all of that stuff which made the cost of health insurance prohibited to many.

Each thing citizens demand that the government or insurance companies cover, only ensures premium rates will rise. I do not know how much birth control pills cost now-a-days; or if insurance plans that cover the cost, have a deductible on them. Since I am not aware of those things, I can not say, yeah, force every insurance company to provide women with contraception. Might add, provide men with condoms as well.

Since many religious zealots condemn doctor assisted termination of pregnancy, no matter the reason, such as a tubal pregnancy, or rape, I am glad the bill did not pass.

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