Thursday, April 5, 2012


Behind the times, did not know what hoodies are until George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. Glad I do not live in Florida.

If I were walking home in the rain I would have the hood of my sweatshirt over my head. Even before I stopped driving, I walked. A lot. I tend to look around as I walk, admire houses and even stop to take cell phone photos of flowers. I especially look around when I am walking after sunset. It is a good idea to be aware of ones surroundings ~ never know what lurks behind the next tree or who might jump out of an alley.

If I lived in Florida, those two things might make me appear to be a suspicious person. I mean anyone who covers their head in the rain must be up to no good. And god forbid if a person is ensuring they are aware of their surroundings. Some cop wannabe with a loaded gun might decide I am a punk and need to be followed.

I do not understand why people do not get it. It does not matter that media used an outdated photo of Trayvon or that he got suspended from school for marijuana residue in his backpack. Did Zimmerman see him attempting to break into a house or unoccupied car? I doubt that police can arrest anyone before a crime is committed, only question a person they feel is suspicious.

Citizens have no right to accost strangers on public sidewalks, based on a perception. Zimmerman called 911 and should have let it go, but he wanted to play hero. Now a teen's life is ended before he had a chance to live it.

People admonish others for coming to conclusions without all the facts. Here is a fact: it is only Zimmerman's word as to what happened that night. Perhaps Trayvon did attack him  ~ after Zimmerman called him a fucking punk or coon or knocked Trayvon's cell phone out of his hand. Perhaps Zimmerman aimed his gun at Martin, and Trayvon jumped him in fear of his own life.

I listened to the enhanced, slowed down version where media claims the consensus of opinion is that Zimmerman said punk as he claimed. Did not sound like punk to me ~ no K sound, more like O's which makes it more likely he said coons.

Known fact two: Trayvon was shot in the chest and found lying face down on the ground. Was he standing or kneeling when Zimmerman fired his gun? Police forensic experts should be able to determine that through bullet trajectory and alla that stuff. At least I believe they can.

It was reported that witnesses said it looked like two men were wrestling on the ground. Did any see the fight from the onset? It truly does not matter if Trayvon took the first swing; Zimmerman was the aggressor the minute he got out of his vehicle to follow Martin, after deciding Martin was a suspicious, funking punk.

Zimmerman played accuser, judge, jury, executioner. Christian Bible admonishes to "Judge not, lest ye be judged." So if citizens want to do unto Zimmerman as he did unto Martin ~ judge unfavorable, Zimmerman gets what he gave. Of course, with less tragic results. He is still alive.

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