Saturday, May 12, 2012

Positive campaign ads

I do not agree with President Obama on a lot of things, starting with appointing Hillary Clinton to a high post on his cabinet. Change? I think not. Yet I like that he is selling himself with videos such as these, rather than using negative ads, such as ones once used by Ms. Clinton. Um, proper address? Secretary of State Clinton?

Pointing out lies told by the opposition might seem negative, but making up lies about the opposition as Clinton did, is the worst kind of negative a person who aspires to position of leadership can stoop to. Those that use that tool know how gullible and easily lead citizens can be. How was it said? Make the lie big, repeat it often, it will be believed. Corruption at its basest form. Leading by honesty seems hopelessly out-of-date. Why be truthful when lies work so well.

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