Friday, August 24, 2012

Fight Nice

My mother used to say "Fight nice," but when it comes to politics (and just about anything else) people can not do it.

It started when a Facebook friend posted yet another political image. On one side we have Romney quoted as saying Students should "get as much education as they can afford." 6.27.2012 On the other side Obama is quoted as saying: "Higher education can not be a luxury reserved for the privileged few. It is an economic necessity." 6. 21.2012

I have been keeping silent at these pro-Obama ads. I regretted sharing one about Medicare. Wish I had read on by on this one as well.

Someone Liked this comment: who do you propose pay for everyone's higher education? The problem with socialism is sooner or later you run of everyone else's money.

Socialism? One person liked the poster's reply:

What he means is that he wants people to be able to go to college with low finance rates.~  Before students would go to a bank for a student loan and pay higher interest. Now they go to the Government, get a student loan at a lower rater and pay back the Government without the middle man, making it more affordable Is that wrong?

Does not sound like Socialism to me. The answer to that: The government money is money from my taxes -- money that I work hard for...and from the start he wanted government loans to be excused if people went to work for the government for a period of at least 5 years - that means even their salaries would come out of my pocket. Let them get jobs and go to night school the way I did. Or let them work menial jobs if they do not have the gumption to work for what they get. and, oh, by the way, the government has no money - we are so deeply in debt now that China owns us - so again - where do you think the money is going to come from?
Um, I did not know that President Obama wanted to excuse student loan debt in return for public service jobs. Yes, we are way in debt to China. Do not blame President Obama for that one ~ we were already there when he took office. It is one reason President Obama calls higher education a necessity. I included in my reply how Bill Gates outsources jobs to China claiming there is a shortage of talented technology graduates among U.S. students.

Not the first time President Obama has expressed concern about U.S. citizens being outpaced educationally by other countries.

As Johnny Cash sang, walking on the fighting side of me. I commented about preferring my tax dollars to going to education rather than killing innocent children in foreign countries. I wrote and deleted several comments before doing that. I did some research and found a link regarding forgiveness of student loans. The word "volunteer" was mentioned a lot in how government student loans could be paid off sooner.

My oldest daughter would not have attended college if not for scholarships, Pell Grant, and student loans. It was not like I lacked gumption, or never paid taxes. My daughter worked full time during summer vacations. She obviously did work for what she wanted ~ college ~ by excelling in high school.

The not nice debate went on, missing, however were any replies from the Socialism commentator.

Notice that President Obama never said that the government should pay for everyone's higher education. Notice that Romney would restrict college to only those who can afford it creating an elite society, not a nation which considers all person's created equal. Okay, stop rolling on the floor laughing. Yet... daughter was labeled "Gifted and Talented" in elementary school. That just means she was smart enough to qualify for a college education. Not her fault that her father was basically a bum, and mom worked menial jobs (because that was all that was available in the Pocono Mountains at that time, plus....). Then there is a nephew, now a College Professor...

The person who thinks student loans equals Socialism acts as if parents of high school graduates never paid taxes, never worked hard, do not deserve that their children benefit with low cost student loans.

As far as requiring service to pay for education ~ call me a Socialist then ~ I am all for it. Especially after reading more about Student Loan Forgiveness Programs.

As Whitney Houston sang "...the children are our future, teach them well...".  I never quite figured out who "our" is or how the line fit in with the rest of the song, but I do believe the future of the United States does belong to our children and they need a good education in order for the country to complete globally.

Interesting too, someone pointed out that the salary of the Not With My Tax Dollars person works for a company that is paid by the government via a government contract. Um, I am paying her salary? Not me specifically, I'm just saying...

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