Monday, August 13, 2012

Kill the Goose

Took bus to Belmont Shore; not sure how close I was to library thus beach, I got off and walked. Walked half dozen blocks give or take arriving at Bayshore Avenue just as bus arrived there, coming to a stop for a red light.

As I walked I saw a pickup truck decorated with anti-Obama rhetoric. Not sure what was attached to the bed to make the vehicle as tall as the bus; loud music accompanying the Beware Obama moving demonstration. I was wondering if the driver and female passenger were violating some law ~ noise ordinance, perhaps. I guess the truck's additions were protected under free speech.

Obama is going to kill capitalism, or the goose that lays the golden egg ~ though it may have said hen. Wished I had a better option than cell phone camera to photograph the eyesore. I was trying to read all the messages as the vehicle inched along 2nd Street.

A young man in front of me told his companions: A lot of people around here like Obama. A lot of liberals live around here. I missed what the lady next to him said, to prompt his comments; assumed he was in agreement with the truck's hate messages.

I found An Open Letter to President Obama on Snopes.  It would not let me copy/paste the part of letter that mentions Obama trying to kill the goose. Much of that letter was dumb. Writer does not know how Barack afforded Ivy League schools. It is called student loans, jobs, aid from mother and grandparents ~ no secret about that.

The fault is not President Obama's that the man never heard Obama mention just recently having paid off his (and Michelle too) student loans.

That letter writer is appalled that Obama likes windmills, rather than capitalize on our vast reserves of coal, oil and shale. I like Obama's idea to turn the old Mayfair plants into corn based fuel rather than deplete earth of more coal and oil ~ sooner or later those things will be gone, and removing that stuff from underground does indeed upset the balance of nature.

Quite likely a cause of earthquakes ~ ground shifting, sinkholes to name a few adverse side affects from oil drilling.

The letter writer is also scared of Barack because he spent his formative years in another country. Um, two whole years? What the man sees as a negative I saw as a positive, exposed early on to another culture, saw effects of political corruption, educated about it by his step-dad.

Oh, yes, of course the man who wrote the letter is worried about the imagined associations with anti-American radicals. No visible means to support his upscale lifestyle is funny. I would need to look up a Senator's pay, and also how much Michelle was earning ~ which was likely more than her husband's.

Where do these people come up with this stuff? Oh, I guess I know ~ Limbaugh, Beck, O'Reilly and Hannity.  The people the man believes Obama is trying to censor. Why? Likely those people told him it is so and lord, why try verifying facts, and thinking for one's own-self, eh.

Anyway, killing goose truck driver is of the same nature as the Snopes verified letter writer. Too sad that there are so many of them. And that they vote. The United States of America was formed as a democracy ~ or, for and by the people ~ not a capitalistic country "of, for and by the wealthy few and corporations."

To the best of my knowledge President Obama is not anti-business. His aim was to help small business owners, stimulate job creation. The Republican idea of trickle down economics is a proven failure. Many Obama haters blame him for what came to be on account of previous admin's insistence upon tax breaks for the extreme wealth holders would create jobs.  

If trickle down economics worked, why then President Obama would not have inherited the mess of large scale unemployment. Part of that problem goes back to President Clinton's creating a culture where outsourcing was better than hiring American.

President Obama was not alive during the Great Depression. Government intervention and programs got us out of that mess. Perhaps outlawing Wall street would have prevented it from happening again. Those very programs helped prevent a repeat of that Depression. Yet, anti-Obama truck driving campaigners will blame Liberals for wanting to help those who have been adversely affected by capitalism.

Not that I am suggesting is bad or wrong ~ for many years I have seen us citizens as slaves building pyramids except that what we have are jobs, paychecks  and employers, not Pharaoh's or Kings or Queens. Regulating business, then, is a good thing. Many of our elected officials have given the wealthy carte blanche to do as they will to the majority ~ the exact opposite of what our Constitution was written to prevent.

The truck driver and letter writer need to do a bit of research rather than aping words spouted by others. As things stand our country is not at war with terror or drugs but with super rich versus middle class and poor.

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