Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Occupy Long Beach

When I read there was an Occupy group hanging at Lincoln Park in Long Beach, I stopped to chat with some of the people when visiting downtown library; wrote and published an article. Intended to do a follow up ~ mostly written.

Early one AM was watching what I thought was a Live Cam video of the Occupy Long Beach protesters. It said "Live", but was actually recorded at a different time. What I watched in that video was material for the second article.

What I saw on the video was a protester getting arrested. Actually there were three arrests on October 30, 2011. According to a December 2, 2011 news article, Jonathon Glen Davidson was sentenced to 80 hours of community service picking up trash along freeways.

Despite occupying Long Beach, the man is from Cerritos and has prior convictions for assaulting an Orange County police officer and possession of drug paraphernalia. His arrest on Oct. 30 was due to remaining after hours or refusing to take down and leave his tent after 10PM after repeated requests by police to disperse.

The Occupy people were allowed to use sleeping bags, lined up on the sidewalk along the park's retaining wall. Lincoln Park has long been a daytime hangout for homeless people. They obey the law, vacating the park after 10PM. People like Davidson caused me to lose interest in the protest. It seemed more about taunting the police, disturbing residents, pushing the limits on existing laws, then about Wall Street and lobbying.

Okay another scrape of paper to the recycle bin. 

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