Monday, September 17, 2012

Do disabled Vietnam war veterans pay income taxes?

“My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” ~ Mitt Romney talking about 47% of citizens that do not pay income taxes.  He feels those 47% are  "...dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them.” That they will vote for President Obama's re-election "no matter what."

I know a Vietnam vet, Facebook friend who Likes Romney. Last we communicated he was still working, not retired. I made him a tin of chocolate chip cookies to take to Vietnam with him ~ finished before he left our house ~ and LOL was I naive or what, thinking he would be packing them in a suitcase to take overseas with him.

Another Facebook friend* was only in Vietnam a very short time. He worked for many years; I believe he is now on disability; suffers from PTSD. Doubt he would vote for a black man. 

I met some homeless Vietnam war vets when I was on the streets. Some were like the the former brother-in-law*. Alcoholics. They were not paying income taxes. Some used the VA hospital.  I do not think any of those men considered themselves victims. I believe it is the government's responsibility to take care of all war veterans ~ the government sent them to the wars where they sustained mental and physical disabilities.
Romney of course had a draft deferment ~ studying to be a Mormon missionary. Wonder when he switched career paths to become a savvy businessman, taking advantage of tax loopholes, voting in a state where he did not reside, by listing his son's basement apartment as permanent address, and becoming involved in politics. 

The New York Times article by Michael D Shear & Michael Barbar says: Of the 18.1% of households that paid neither income taxes nor payroll taxes, the center found that more than half were elderly and more than a third were not elderly but had income under $20,000."

I am one of those elderly with income under $20,000. I paid federal, state, city income taxes, and other payroll taxes for about 40-years. Not to mention utility bill taxes, sales taxes, cigarette taxes, gasoline taxes and such.

Romney told people at the fundraiser that he is concentrating on trying to convince the "5 to 10% in the center" to swing their vote to him ~ he called them "thoughtful voters." Oh my, the man wants to be president, yet insults 47% of the citizens he assumes will thoughtlessly vote for Obama?

Do not know if neighbors Mike and Doug think the government has a responsibility to care for them. Neither vote. Mike keeps up with news; he is industrious, gets some small part time jobs to supplement his government income. Doug sees himself as a victim; needy, wants to be taken care of ~ while he boozes his life away. Not exactly sure why Mike is disabled ~ he had some type of cancer; I would assume he has held jobs, paid into the system. I also assume Doug never did either ~ or at least very little of it. Drugs got in his way.

My schizophrenic nephew probably does not pay income tax. He is also not likely to vote this year ~ mentally disturbances. I doubt my mother pays income taxes any more ~ she had SS, her job retirement income, my father's retirement benefits from his Union. She is bedridden, mind no longer here. She would likely vote Romney ~ simply because she always voted Republican and might think him "handsome".

My ex-in-laws also are not likely to be paying income taxes anymore. He retired after a lifetime working for the same company. She was mostly a housewife, but also worked outside the home. Do not know much about their retirement income. Do know he is like my mother in that his mind is gone. My daughters take care of them; trying to convince Grandma to move into Senior housing ~ trying to find something affordable.

He is definitely not capable of voting. Do not know if she will vote this year, but for sure she would not vote for a Muslim with black skin. : > Definitely not a "thoughtful" voter, that one.

Do not know about my sister Susan. She may have enough retirement income to pay a small amount of income taxes. Maybe not ~ expensive house, mortgage, loss of husband's income when he died. She does not like "entitlements" so might be a Romney voter. I do believe she would weigh pros and cons when deciding upon who to vote for in any elections.

Okay, that is just a few of the many people I know. A president needs to represent us all ~ the good, bad, the in between; straight, gay, clean & sober, not so clean & sober ~ payers of income taxes and those who do not pay them.

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