Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Elegantly Stated

This is elegantly stated: Richard Trumka, the president of the A.F.L.-C.I.O., on Tuesday called Mr. Romney’s remarks '" spit in the face to everyday people who know what it means to work incredibly hard and still sometimes fail to get by.”

quote from New York Times article by Michael Shear,  Criticism Follows Romney's Blunt Comments Captured on Video.

The article also says: "We should be measuring the progress of our social programs by how many people we transition off of them," he said at the meeting. 

Mr. Ryan argued that Republicans are supportive of safety net programs (blah, blah, blah)..."We want to have a safety net," Mr. Ryan said. "We believe in a safety net that is there for people who truly can't help themselves. We don't want a safety net that encourages more dependency."

Looks like Ryan thinks that the 47% of U.S. citizens are dependent upon the government ~ even though a lot of them paid income and Social Security taxes their entire lives. Perhaps if Romney had not claimed that Obama voters ~ those 47% he can not convince ~ think of themselves as victims, the remarks would not have been meet with so much criticism.

There is an implication that no Republican voters collect SS retirement or disability benefits, none use Medicare (earned) benefits, none have ever collected Unemployment (earned) benefits, none are living below Federal poverty standards (earning less than $20,000. a year), none have taken advantage of tax deductions to whittle down the amount of Federal Income tax they owe, none have put their money in offshore accounts (like Romney himself has) to avoid paying taxes on earned interest.

I am an Independent voter ~ but if I were a Republican voter, I would be mighty insulted by Romney's statement and Ryan's explanation. Not to mention Santorum's claim that smart people will not be for them. Who he calling dumb? Who they claiming call themselves victims?
Richard Trumka's elegantly stated criticism pretty much says it all. 

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