Thursday, September 6, 2012

Illegitimate rape?

I read a Cafe Mom post about Gregory Jones impregnating his 11-year-old stepdaughter. The writer (Kiri Blakeley) asked Who is going to say this is a blessing? So used to Facebook hysteria copy/pastes that turn out to be false, I looked for article to confirm story. It happened as Kiri described it.

I am sad that a couple of female relatives Like Romney at Facebook. If Romney is elected and if something happened to him, Ryan would become president. Romney has flipped on his pro-life stance; Ryan has not. How could any female think it is okay to deny this 11-year-old girl the right to terminate the pregnancy, should she and her mother decide to do so? Men, yeah, I understand they could care less about woman's right to choose.

That does not mean I look anymore favorably upon my male Facebook friends who Like Romney. Because some of my FB friends Like Romney, I assume they think it okay that the government takes away women's liberty. I am not saying that the 11-year-old girl should terminate the pregnancy, only that she and her mother be allowed to do so, should they choose. I also do not think a child should be forced to carry her rapists baby to term.

Her body did not shut down the pregnancy, so it must not be legitimate rape. Maybe it was not forcible rape, just statutory rape. It sickens me that any female would agree with that men-tality. Does not surprise me that men do ~ "if he beat her she deserved it", "she was asking for it", "she said no, but she just wanted to be coaxed into doing it" and other men's rationalizations. And, yes, I know, some females are just as prejudiced as men when it comes to women, especially when a female is raped.

I do hope there are enough people willing to give President Obama another chance, because the alternative will be very, very bad for our democracy. Yet even if he wins another term, what about the next election and the one after that? Surely a backwards Republican will win sooner or later. Wish citizens would vote them out of Congress ~ elect some third party candidates. If that were to come to pass, we, the people, might truly find change we can believe in.

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