Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stealing Buddha's Dinner

A passage from Bich Minh Nguyen's memoir, Stealing Buddha's Dinner.

"One day my grandfather was taken away; interrogate, held in jail for weeks, stripped and beaten, ordered to reveal the anti-Communist ties that he didn't have."

A few years back a big political debate topic was torture. I, of course, was on the side that opposes use of torture to gather intelligence. People, like Bich's grandfather, are liable to confess to anything to end the torture. False confessions are obtained by police using torture-like techniques to obtain them. Sleep deprivation being one of them. Serial killers enjoy the powerlessness of their victims as they torture them.

Could substitute "crimes they did not commit," or "knowledge they did not have," in Bich's statement. Husbands (and I suppose wives) will also harass their spouses to elicit a confession of deed never done, nor even contemplated. Sad part of humanity that resorts to such barbaric behavior on account of people's suspicions and paranoia.

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