Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Secede Petitions

I am irate. As of last time I saw news on citizens petitioning the U.S. government via White House petition tool made available for use by President Obama, 37 states are petitioning for permission to peacefully cede from the nation.


I do believe only a governor could ask tell the president the state s/he governs wants to withdraw citizenship. Not interested in history ~ this is the year 2012 ~ so stick to today, puh-lease.

No one in my state asked me if I was agreeable to ceding. I am not. I have already faced possibility of my state removing themselves from the union due to what was that group called, Mecha's? Wanting to take back the land stolen from them by us. Actually Spain, France, England, Russia took lands we now call the United States of America, Mexico and Canada from people we call tribes or Native Americans. The states in question were bought or won through wars, no theft involved.

But both states I could move to in the event my state was given permission to secede are also petitioning to go bye, bye. Not the states, just citizens petitioning President Obama, even signing to secede states where they do not reside ~ taking all my right to liberty ~ the right granted by the Constitution ~ 'cause at this moment, we are still the United States of America  ~ and how dare these (too polite to name them) do this without requesting my state to hold a general election to get majority consent to such a disastrous move.

Fixing what is not working within our government is the better option, not starting another civil war ~ pitting citizens against citizens.

So incensed I wrote my, call it a rebuttal, are you people daft, petition. Unfortunately the site only allows 120 characters so I had to submit a much shortened version of it.

If you believe you should have a say as to whether you state withdraws, please, please sign my petition. Thank you.

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