Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Average Wages

I got tired of listening to people talk about the 53% supporting the lazy 47% who do not work, just want Santa Claus Obama to give them free stuff. Just because someone did not owe Federal Income tax in the year 2011 does not mean that they not work. For that matter, if they filed an income tax form, they most likely had some form of income.

Even unemployment compensation can be subject to Federal Income taxes, despite the fact that in order to collect unemployment compensation, one must first have paid into the system via taxes. Same is true of retired Social Security recipients. It is an insulting when people berate other citizens of whom they have no knowledge. A few clicks of the mouse, and anyone could have detailed info as to who the 46.4% who owed no Federal Income tax liability in the year 2011 were.

And where would the very wealthy or even moderately wealthy be without workers whose average wages go like this:

Median Wages (50% earn more, 50% earn less)

Averages Median Wages:

Institution and Cafeteria Cook Salary: $20,400.

Waiter/Waitress $14,800.

Restaurant Cook $20,300.

Home Health Aide $19,400.

Nursing Aides, Orderlies, Attendants $22,200.

Physical Therapist Aide $22,100.

Dental Assistant $30,200.

Clergy $39,700.

School Bus Driver $24,800.

Transit and Intercity Bus Driver $32,100

Ambulance Driver and Attendants (not including medical technicians) $20,400

Hotel, Motel, Resort Desk Clerk $18,500

Maids, Housekeeping Cleaner $17,600.

Sanitation Worker  1 - 4 years 24,200 ~ 36,00
              5 - 9 years 32,400 - 70,00
             10 - 19 years 23,154 - 74,497

Either hotel/motel/resort owners need to pay their desk clerks twice as much or people need to shut up about tax fairness. Once Bus driver has payroll, city, state, federal taxes, health insurance, other items deducted from their paychecks, their take home pay is not enough to take them home ~ as they say ~ or in reality provide a decent roof over head of themselves, feed themselves, clothe themselves, pay for transportation to and from the job, worse when they have family ~ two income family will help ~ still if these people did not have to pay Fed. Income Tax, who cares.

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