Friday, December 21, 2012

Mass killings

I got involved in a Facebook comment conversation via a friends wall post (status update) ~ perhaps he shared an article or wrote about his feelings regarding gun control or regulations in the U.S.

I got tired of people writing in comments on the issue, where ever there is an article, and especially on The White House FB page, about China. Everyone knows about the Newtown, Connecticut mass shooting that killed 20 elementary school children and also some adults ~ principal, teacher, nurse, and so on. On the same day, December 14, 2012,  there was a knife attack that injured 20 elementary school students in China.

Pro-gun bans say yes people might use a knife if no guns are available, but the students in China did not die. WTF, okay that some had ears and fingertips severed. Hey, hey, hey, you lost an ear, but at least you are alive. The China incident might not be as tragic because those students lived through the horror, but it is still tragic, horrible and should no be held up as an example of why guns should be banned. Talk about sick thinking.

I kept replying to those comments that there were other knife attacks in China that resulted in death of elementary age students. Wanted to be more accurate. Typed this list, posted it on friend's status update conversation, then removed it. So what to do with the list? Why post it here, of course, for future reference.

*Erfurt, Germany, 2002, expelled 19-year-old student killed 16 at high school
*Dunblane, Scotland, 1996, 43-year-old man had 4 handguns, 16 kindergartners and their teacher were killed
*Winnenden, Germany, 2009, 17 year-old shooter got gun from parent's bedroom, killed 9 students aged 14-16, 2 teachers, fled killing another 4 people
*Emsdetten, Germany, 2006, 18-year-old shooter, junior high school, shot students, janitor, teacher, and threw smoke bombs (one report said 11 died, but I could not confirm that)
*Cumbrian, England, 2010, 52-year-old killed 12, starting with his twin brother, injured 11
*Hungerford, Berkshire, England, 1987, 27-year-old, two seim-automatic rifles, one handgun, killed 16, including his mother, wounded 15
*Tokyo, Japan, 2008, 25 year-old drove truck into crowd, got out stabbed at least 12 people, autopsies showed 3 died from being hit by truck, 4 from stabbings,
*China, 2010, man fatally stabbed his wife, mother, daughter, four neighbors and a migrant worker
*Beijing, China, 2010, killed 8 elementary school students by stabbing, 5 others wounded
on the same day in Leizhou, Guangdong, 2010, wounded 16 students and teacher with knife
*China, Shangdon, 2010, slashed 20 kindergarten students, 3 children and a teacher died
*China, Wang Hongbin, 2011, axe attack, killed child (pre- or Kindergarten age) and 3 adults, another child and adult seriously injured
*Taixing, Jiangsu, 2010,  28 Kindergarten students, two teachers, a security guard stabbed, 5 children died
*China, Wang Yonglai, 2010, broke school gate with motorcyle, injured 5 children with iron hammer, grabbed 2 childen as he set himself on fire, teachers grabbed them off the man
*Mexico, May 17, 2012, 49 disembered bodies found dumped on highway
*Mexico, May 4, 2012 nine people hanged from bridge
*Mexico, May 4, 2012 14 people decapitated
*Mexico, May 9, 2012 18 dead
*Brazil, April 2011 12 children killed, 20 wounded at school, ages 10-13, .32 and .38 revolvers with speedloaders
*Norway, 2011, mass shooting at youth camp, killing 69,  of youth, also planted bombs killing more ~ labeled as a terrorist
*Montreal, Canada 1989, 25-year-old killed 14 at university, with Ruger Min-14 semi-automatic rifle purchased legally, 14 others injured

Person I was replying to mentioned European nations with strict gun control regulations do not have a lot of these mass shootings. Also mentioned never happens in Canada, nor done by Mexican/Americans ~ which is true enough, but is not a uniquely United States problem.

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