Tuesday, January 8, 2013

loathed by the majority

Brock Jones Hussaini, you are just as delusional as the rest of the Dems, loathed by the majority, supported by those who need government assistance because they are to lazy to go get a job.

I did not scroll back on The White House Facebook page's photo to see if Brock Jones was speaking to a FB user named Hussaini. I actually read it as Hussein  so used to seeing Obama haters refer to our president by his middle name. Or by his childhood nickname. Or some name variation ~ Oduma, Owebama, and so on.

I would suggest that Brock Jones look up the word majority in a dictionary. President Obama won re-election with 332 electoral college votes to Romney's 206. Ironic that Romney ended up getting 47% of the vote, whereas Obama got 51% of the popular vote, or the majority of citizens who voted in the 2012 U.S. presidental choose Obama. Why ever would that majority vote for someone they loathed?

In addition  I would suggest that Brock Jones do a quick web search. He would learn that the 65 million+ that supported Obama could not all be jobless. He would learn that a slim majority of U.S. citizens get public assistance. True, many corporations get federal government assistance, as do all fifty states, but since Brock says "to lazy to go get a job," in the same sentence, he is talking about what is commonly known as welfare.

It is, btw, too, not to. The exit polls show 44% of those who voted for Obama are over the age of 65. 47% are between the ages of 45 - 64, which means some of that age group are retired, as are a whole bunch more over age 65. Lazy? Yikes!

Others who do not have jobs are disabled veterans. LOL, Brock, I would love to see you face off with a veteran telling them they are too lazy to get a job. As a matter of fact, I am ROFL on that one. Then there are the mentally disabled. Try telling the schizophrenic to get a job; who is gonna hire them, eh?

Oh, yes, I do know some people afflicted with schizophrenia do work, limited capacity, usually very low paying menial labor. That is but one of the types of mental disorders that prevent citizens from working. Then there are the college students. Who is to say they are unemployed? Exit polls showed 19% in the 18 - 29 year-old age group, likely candidates for attending college, but people in other age groups can be students as well.

Imagine a person studying to be a doctor being told by the Brock Jone's of the world that they are too lazy to get a job. Sigh.

It is sad that uneducated people like Brock are eligible to vote. Common sense, says that Oprah Winfrey is not too lazy to get a job. Nor Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, especially not workaholic Walter Mosley. The list is endless. I personally know many, many employed citizens who support President Obama. I do not know who anyone votes for, however, because votes are secret.

The photo showed President Obama shaking hands with Senator Chuck Hagel after nominating him Secretary of Defense.

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