Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Days Are Here Again

...that is, another US presidential election is upon us.

Ever since Google took over Blogger & other changes, I lost interest in airing my opinions. I have pretty much lost interest in doing anything other than playing Facebook games. For shame. Those are getting old & boring too; thought perhaps I can make blogging a regular habit again.

A friend wrote me a letter; she asked if I would vote for Donald Trump. She said she would; not a politician and, perhaps adding a good businessman. I wrote back: "No, I do not like him, but do not know why that is so." Did a search and found my reason:

A Birther! Hell no. He is either lacking intelligence or just making noise to get noticed. Either scenario is bad news for a future president of these here United States of America. Early in the 2008 election process, then Senator Barack Obama showed his birth certificate. Why he would be bullied into doing so when no other candidate to my knowledge had to produce one, is beyond me.

Okay, so it was not beyond me. In a few words; because of his skin color and his father's country of origin.

Yet, again, later in that same primary he produced it again. People were still upset: that is the short form, we want to see the long form. Oh, my. My short form birth certificate was issued by the city after showing a hospital birth certificate to the clerk. I do not remember that being long ~ just the thing hospital issues with baby footprints upon it. So why, many moons later, after being elected president did Trump goad the pres to show his birth certificate. Then Trump takes credit for being the only one to force Obama to comply.


Dumb or a publicity stunt, only The D knows for sure. I opt for lack of intelligence (first impressions are lasting ones.)

So, no I would never vote for Donald Trump. It surprises me how many intelligent people I personally know that actually support that clown.

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