Tuesday, March 15, 2016


A recurring Facebook Timeline update asks What Qualities Make A Good President.

The posts originate from one of the Bernie Sanders pages. Many people who comment will say stuff like "all the qualities you have Bernie," or "Bernie Sanders has them all."

The first time I answered it, I answered from the perspective of a president of anything, then added something about what qualities a president of the United States would do well to possess.

What qualities do you think are essential for a president of the United States of America?

If I had been blogging, I would have copied and pasted some of the replies to be accurate.

One guy wanted a pres who is brutally honest; not afraid to say something because someone might get their itty, bitty feelings hurt. A Trump supporter for sure. That guy might have mentioned liberals and their feelings.

Honesty is a good quality. Telling an overweight woman who is wearing bright red horizontal stretch pants that she looks (insert nasty comment)  is in poor taste or rude.

Diplomacy comes with the US presidential package of duties; politeness & manners in a candidate score points with me. Imagine Trump calling Queen Elizabeth a fat pig, dog, bitch, loser, bimbo or alluding to her menstrual cycle or lack of same and her ability to satisfy her husband.

Here is a list of female leaders ~ those who adore Trumps' brutual honesty would do well to do some thinking about the effect of having a president who disparages women would be.


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