Tuesday, April 5, 2016

David Folchi

David Folchi said in a comment on a post that landed on my Facebook wall:

"It indeed is slick and moving, but there is never a path to achieve these high in the sky over night changes. He blames everything on the wealthy.... Well this is America, it is all of our right to be able to achieve wealth. They should pay their fair share, but not foot the bill for everybody. He just can't produce in our system what he promises, and I am not even sure I want a country that gets everything given to them. Hard to compete with someone who offers the candy store. I just can say, read history, use common sense and take a business class. In some ways his message is the same as Mr. Trump, he is just groovy about how he says it. You have to look at all political adds for what they are, a sales pitch to sell a product."

I watched the video (http://theworldstyle.com/new-bernie-sanders-ad-is-bringing-people-to-tears-and-will-have-you-feeling-the-bern-video/) attached to the post. I did not see where Bernie was placing blame for everything on the wealthy. The video was about morality. Ad via You Tube

Sanders said: "There is no justice when so few have so much and so many have so little,”  and
that we can achieve those "high in the sky" changes when we "stand together and not let people divide us."

I wanted to reply to David Folchi on that post, but comments were not available; assume because I am not Facebook friends with person who posted link which was then shared by a friend.

The cats who started this country decided that the U.S. of A. would provide for the general welfare of its citizens. I believe Mr. Folchi is missing the point ~ citizens are not anti-wealthy, they are anti-wealthy running our government. Those wealthy corporations are not about providing for the general welfare of citizens, they are about providing more wealth for themselves.

Donald Trump is a good example; he said he is greedy and is going to take, take, take for America. Taking means stealing; in this instance, to me, it means war. How moral is that? Let us go kill people so we can steal from them? I suppose in his own way Trump's ideal is an epitome of those early years when taking land from the natives who lived upon it was how our country grew.

The forefathers had their high in the sky morals detailing how they would achieve them (Constitution;) Have they ever been achieved? Or are we right back where we started ~ rather than Kings & Queens versus commoners, we have Wealthy Corporations ruling over the workers. Or most are still slaves building pyramids only the names have changed ~ employer & employee.

Too long for a blog post or even a comment; just had to reply to David Folchi's comment and know of no other way to do so.

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