Sunday, May 29, 2016

Attitudes are contagious

Attitudes are contagious.

A comment from the article re: Trump's energy independence speech:

Vanderbilt JAM
2:04 AM EDT
Hello Washington Pest! Quoting 1990 Playboy interviews to point out inconsistencies in Trump's position are we? Do I detect a slight whiff of panic?

My first impulse is to reply something like this:

Hello Ms.Superiority...

And that is how wars are started; tit for tat.

I do not know that Jill Colvin and Matthew Daly, authors of the article are employed by The Washington Post; it is an AP article. I could do the research to find out if they work for the Post, the same as those writers did to report news, but not important for me to know if they do.

Any number of newspapers could run the exact same news article; Vanderbilt JAM shows her prejudice with her first words (Washington Pest.)  Its a good line: Do I detect a slight whiff of panic? which further shows her disdain for the media outlet.

I would have no way of knowing what Trump said in a 1990 Playboy interview without the writers quoting Trump's words in this article. Panic? Why would the Post panic? They are just reporting the news: a day in the life of Donald Trump's inconsistencies.

Perhaps it was the Post article's attitude that caused JAM's caustic comment. Without saying the words, the article tells readers that Trump's speech to the Petroleum Conference were just words to persuade attendees that he is on their side. Without the inclusion of the Playboy quote, I would still have found Trump's energy independence plan to be lacking as to a real solution to our energy dependence.

I do not know anything about "the Paris climate agreement" or payments of U.S. tax money to a United Nations fund to mitigate effects of climate change worldwide." Even without knowledge of those two things, I would tend to trust both as being good for citizens worldwide, thus automatically disagree with Trump's proposed plan to end the programs. 

It seems that all JAM got out of the article is the inclusion of the Playboy quote. Her attitude makes it clear that doing so is wrong; perhaps she has a whiff of panic that others might form an unfavorable opinion about Trump due to the reporting of the inconsistency. Some will agree with his approach; others will not ~ the inconstancy is hardly relevant to Trump's position on energy independence.

Because attitudes are contagious, people like JAM can start more comment wars rather then readers having an adult conversation of the pros and cons of Trump's energy dependence plan. I guess that kind of discourse is best left to Congress, not those of us who elect our governmental officials.  

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