Thursday, May 19, 2016

Commenting on Blog Posts

I miss the days when commenting on blog posts was easy ~ name/e-mail address were all that were needed. And perhaps the whatchamacallit thingy where you need to prove you are a human not a robot. (Chalk it up to Senior Moments or that bump on my head in 1998, short term memory loss ~ just used one of those thingies a minute or so ago, name escapes me.)

I spent some time replying to this Open Letter to Bernie Sanders Supporters. I already logged in with my Facebook login to Like a comment. After typing my reply, I was asked to login using my Facebook account. My post comment did not appear.

Too bad I did not copy the message as I am in no mood to try to recreate it.

I am not what they call a Bernie Bot, yet hope he manages to defeat Hillary Clinton as the Democrat nominee in November.

Author of the blog post, Andy Ostroy, posed a question. If the system was/is so rigged for Hillary, how come she's having to have this close a fight right down the wire?
It is the "24/7" Bernie supporters who are fighting to bring about the real change in DC that Obama promised when he was the one giving Clinton the same headaches.

Being that I considered Obama's first mistake as president was naming Hillary as Secretary of State, there is no way I will be voting for her come November. Her supporters (including Obama) ignore her lies, misdeeds, senior moments, the baggage of bringing an amoral husband with her to the White House and constant lies.

Trump supporters are like Sanders in that they both want that ~ change in DC ~ Trump the outsider "can not be bought, he has his own money" theysay. Never mind that he lies as much as Clinton or that he is likely as much a part of the 'good ole boys' network as she is; Republican voters choose him.

As to rigged or corrupt elections, Mr. Ostroy what about Arizona? The lady said she made a mistake closing polling places, yet she has ties to Clinton. I would like to provide accurate info on that, but my first Google search came up with this instead: Arizona Election Fraud Perhaps Bernie's '24/7' supporters claims hold merit.

This blog post is much longer than my original comment on Ostroy's Blog post. Probably the other was a better reply to the query.

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