Saturday, May 28, 2016

Energy Independence comments

Some comments to this article:

6:26 AM EDT
Too bad your Climate change lies can not be forced on everyone. Long live the 1st and 2nd amendments. GO TRUMP!
(What do the amendments have to do with the article?)

5:59 AM EDT
Poor little lefties- your rabid attachment to the radical climate agenda hoax is going to destroy you once again. The poor little coal miners of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Illinois know what you are all about

And giving Obama credit for the fracking boom that he fought tooth and nail is beyond pathetic
(I did not see a prior comment mentioning Obama & fracking.)

6:23 AM EDT
Sandy Hook is a hoax too, eh Jethro-geila?

Vanderbilt JAM
2:04 AM EDT
Hello Washington Pest! Quoting 1990 Playboy interviews to point out inconsistencies in Trump's position are we? Do I detect a slight whiff of panic?

1:16 AM EDT
Real estate developer said he is going to make us energy independence Someone need to tell him that President Obama already did that while Trump was looking for the President's birth certificate

(Do not know that Obama did that, but the comment caused me to smile.)

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