Monday, May 30, 2016

Expandable Scenery

Missed posting this comment on article about Trump's energy independence plan.

6:22 AM EDT
By "clean energy" do you mean industrial wind turbines that are blighting more total acres than mining or fracking these days? In recent decades a lot of people who claim to be environmentalists have decided that scenery is expendable. I'm not sure why they turned on nature, but I consider it a moral crime as big as climate denial.

The first time I saw a wind turbine farm, I found that scenery awesome. At that time, 1994 when I drove from east coast to west, I had no idea what wind turbines were. More recently in a drive to visit a nephew in the Palm Desert area of California, I was again mesmerized by the symmetrical wind turbine towers. I had an urge to park the car and just stare at those blights on the scenery.

One person's blight is another's break up on the monotonous scenery.

Reading about how those farms supply energy for entire towns, wind turbines sounded like a good alternate source of energy. Further reading, however, explained how those turbines were less cost effective then good old oil or coal for production of energy.

Ah, there are those attitudes coming in to play again. Jim916 must support Trump, thus his energy independence plan. Was it environmentalists who decided that wind turbines in the Palm Desert area were a good idea? Or perhaps those people in charge decided it was a good idea in an effort to provide those who elected them a cheaper way to run their computers, cool their homes, run the pool pumps and such.

Would be nice if citizens who wrote comments would simply state their opinions without the blaming attitude.

" people who claim to be environmentalists have decided that scenery is expendable. I'm not sure why they turned on nature"

Taking oil from the earth by any means necessary is only one example of how ordinary people turn their backs on nature; we like our modern conveniences, like paved roads for one. Scenery has always been expandable if it stands in the way of progress. At least in my lifetime, it has. I believe the song line goes: they paved paradise to put up a parking lot.

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