Thursday, May 5, 2016

Facebook Comments

Lee Baker You missed the FACT that you'll commit VIOLENT ACTS, every damn time one of you pricks get pissed off because something or someone offends you.. Why you think so much violence is rooted in DEMOCRAT/Liberal ran regions of the nation... Facts are a bitch, aren't they...

Lee Baker is one of my Facebook game friends. Since I am soon quitting that game he is going, going, gone. I could not be friends with someone like him in real life. Ever. I stopped following him long ago. He is not someone a person who can have an adult conversation.

There we go again with the angry ALL CAPS. Did he even read the post? Doubtful. He is exactly the type person I hoped to reach when I shared this post that landed on my wall. Did he notice that I said, "I do not label myself a liberal?" He claims it is a FACT that I will commit violent acts. Fact?

Okay, it is a fact, I have committed violent acts; long ago, when married to a violent unreasonable man who enraged me. Perhaps Lee Baker is a wife beater also. Um...

The husband was the one who committed violent acts when I did or said something he did not like or that offended him. I learned to keep quiet rather than risk setting off his violent temper.

I could spend time researching Lee's "fact" ~ it seems to me that there is a lot of violence in the deep south, touted as being very conservative (or very GOP.) Irrelevant to me.

Pricks? Yeah that offends me. My most violent act regarding that would be to remove Lee from my Facebook friends' list. My first impulse was to reply to Lee's ugly comment. To tell him that some of my FB friends would be offended by his language ~ conservative type friends. Again why bother trying to reason with an unreasonable person.

I like this meme. It could help people who fall prey to stereotypes become more aware. But people like Lee Baker are not about understanding and acceptance of people whose opinions differ from their own. They shout: facts, when they themselves are lacking in them.


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