Friday, May 6, 2016

Hardly Presidential

"And what does it mean, the bipartisan (if not unintentionally comedic) move of Hillary and Donald Trump both establishing shell companies at the same address in Delaware –legal but, as the New York Times reported, “Shells are the No. 1 vehicle for laundering illicit money and criminal proceeds,” i.e., hardly presidential for either candidate. Is equal opportunity tax evasion gender advancement?"

Quote from this article:

Another way Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are alike. Hard to find proof that they both (and Bill Clinton, also) have shell companies in Delaware to take advantage of tax loopholes; ie: to avoid paying income taxes.

Knowing a bit about the Clintons' shady dealings in the past, of course I readily believed when I first read about it. Since the Clintons' and Trump are pals, seems likely he too would hide income to avoid paying more taxes.

As the article pointed out, nothing illegal, yet Hillary specifically says she wants to reform taxation; do away with those very loopholes she (and Bill) utilize to their advantage. Trump wants to make America great again (I think the United States is pretty nice place to live.) How by encouraging citizens not to pay taxes?


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