Friday, May 20, 2016

Introduction to Politics

My introduction to politics probably started in Elementary School with President Eisenhower although I have no recall as to why I think that.

My recall is my father complaining that women were allowed to vote. He thought wives should vote the same as their husbands. He was a lifelong Democrat. My mother was a lifelong Republican. He said her vote was cancelling out his own. I thought my father was smarter than my mother, so that when I came of age to vote, right or wrong, I automatically went to the Democrat side.

Choosing to register as a Democrat might also have been influenced by JFK. At the time I was in Junior High School. The only sure thing I know now that I knew then was their was a big controversy about electing a Catholic to be president. After school some of us walked downtown to catch our bus home. There was a Fannie Farmer chocolate store where my childhood best friend and I would splurge on a candy bar. They were out of my reach, but we chipped in and split the bars.

Out of my reach? Ha, ha, money, money, money, even then. Perhaps she had a better allowance than myself; not that I had one at all. Anyway, next door to the candy shop was a JFK headquarters. She was the one who lead me into the building to grab some free JFK campaign buttons. She may have been lead into the store by another mutual friend. I was leery about entering the building and taking the buttons. My Catholic upbringing, perhaps, had something to do with that.

It seemed all the kids liked JFK. Do not recall my parents discussing that election. Except perhaps that is when I got my introduction to politics at home. JFK, of course, won that election and we all know what followed.

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