Monday, May 23, 2016

Municipal Committeeman

My father won an "overwhelming" two vote victory to become our small town's Municipal Committeeman. I was long gone from there by that time. At the end of this laminated article Fleming says my father was still trying to figure out who cast that second vote. That meant to me, there were only two people who voted for Committeeman in that election. Too bad I did not ask my dad for clarification at the time.

The same local newspaper writer said in a later article that my father was one of the better known minor politician in our town.

I am sure it was my mother who cast that second vote for my father, even though he was a Democrat, she a Republican. Too late to ask her now, her mind lost in that place where Alzheimer's minds go. I will probably read her the articles next time I visit in addition to her favorite Bible verse, then ask if it was her vote. Never know; she might respond.

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