Thursday, May 5, 2016

Shame On You Barack Obama

I remember Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign, including the ad where she said, "Shame on you Barack Obama." She was running a dirty campaign, "straight out of Karl Rove's playbook." President Obama did have a Health Care plan. She and then Senator John Edwards debated about their plans. Clinton and Edwards were for mandatory insurance with fines; Obama was not.

Of course, in passing, the Affordable Care Act became "mandatory insurance with fines." Often wondered if Obama let her talk him into using her plan.

For some reason Hillary's voters do not care about her lies. During that 2008 campaign we would point out her lies (such as the shame on you one.) Typical response was: they all do. But do they all make up tall tales about running through sniper fire in Bosnia?

I guess she is as convincing as Donald Trump when he spins his tales to garner favor from citizens. Disastrous results ~ both front runners for their parties. I will have to vote none of the above because I want a U.S. president with higher ethic values then either of them possess.


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