Thursday, May 5, 2016

Typical Trump Supporter?

I suppose it would be better if I blacked out this Facebook user's name from her comment.

#1 It is generally agreed upon that using ALL CAPS when posting appears to be yelling. Yes I know some people have physical ailments that makes the all cap feature easier for them to use. Due to content of the comment, however, Brenda is upset & screaming to be heard.

#2 Brenda has been brainwashed into believing President Obama is a Muslim and has an agenda to turn the U.S. of A. into a Muslim country run by Sharia law. (And she calls John Thomas stupid?!)

#3 I do not know if Trump is fighting for America unless he too truly believes the hogwash about President Obama. (Which is likely being one of those no sense Birthers.)

#4 Trump got wealthy because his father left him a lot of money. I question "top negotiator." He has failed at numerous business ventures, lies about business ventures (wine, steaks, bottled water) being successes, in addition to declaring bankruptcy four times.

Okay, so Trump is not stupid about bankruptcy laws, nor is he stupid about tax loopholes. (Shell companies in Delaware?)

#5 No, I must vote for whomever I choose to vote for and that would never be Trump.

When I see comments like that on a post a friend shared on Facebook, I want to reply to it. Sometimes I do. But I doubt that someone as incensed as Brenda Neal Wood is reasonable enough to consider she might be wrong ~ terribly wrong. So why bother.

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