Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Aargh! Have not used that one in a long time.

Decided to fix the sidebar links on my blogs tonight. Aagrh! Tried using Google Blogger Help to find out how to do so. Used to be extremely easy to re-arrange, remove or add links. No more. Only help I found, thus far, was that Google is aware of the problem (function not working) and sometimes it fixes itself and sometimes it works.

I suppose I can choose a new template and start over. Vaguely recall last time I did that it screwed up all the posts; something with text and background colors not transferring properly to new design.

Oh, well, no one reads my blogs, which I have neglected for quite a while, so no big deal.

Yahoo did away with Yahoo Voices, so all the articles published by Associated Content got removed. Those are the links I need to remove.

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