Monday, October 17, 2016

Donald Trump Slam Dunks Debate

Someone posted a comment saying Donald Trump slam-dunked the second debate.

I did not watch any debates. Over time they have become less like debates and more like campaign messages. The person was commenting on a Facebook post from Business Insider: "Media rigging the election!': Trump slams Saturday Night Live for mocking his debate performance."

The slam-dunk commentator was replying to a comment that read: "
the guy hsa lost his marbles. hes growing paranoid and stupider by the day. what a child. no control of his ego. no control of anything and cant stop trying to control everything."

His comment had little to do with her comment.

I watched the clip attached to the post. In part, Trump said: 
“If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse: mine are words, his was action. This is what he has done to women. There’s never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that’s been so abusive to women, so you can say any way you want to say it, but Bill Clinton was abusive to women. Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously. Four of them are here tonight.
A debate would be questions like, "How do you feel about marital fidelity?" Donald accusing Bill, who is not running to become president, is an example of kettle calling frying pan black. 
Trump's infidelities were not words. Ivanka verbally attacked Marla Maples. Even as he was being unfaithful to his marriage vows with Ivanka, he also had his secretary track down Sandra Korn, took her out for a pizza dinner and bedded her the same night.

Reminds me of that Country & Western song: Your Husband Is Cheating On Us.

Did the candidates debate infidelity? JFK was considered to be a good president by many.  I assume tales of his infidelities are true. Not that cheating makes for a better president. Trump brought it up, not me.

The debate might have been: Is it bet to have a First Man that cheated on his wife, or a First Lady that posed naked ~ full frontal naked ~ as a model?

Never in the history of politics in this nation has there been a First Lady whose nude model photos are available for all to see. Yes, paparazzi caught Jackie full frontal nude on a beach in France; but Melania earned money showing it all.

Truly, one of the reasons I did not support Hillary is she comes with the baggage of Bill. But why ever would women support a man who is just like him?

Hillary should not be president because her husband cheated on her multiple times? But Trump should be president even though he cheated on both wives, in addition to to attempting to cheat on wife #3, while she was pregnant, by buying the woman furniture?

Go figure, as my son and his friends used to say.

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