Thursday, November 17, 2016

Give Him a Chance

Can not say how many times I have seen comments on shared Facebook articles pleading, "Give him a chance."


There are no do-overs in life. That is why peeps should elect qualified people to represent citizen interests, most especially when the office is the highest in the United States of America.

President Obama can not go back in time and not name Hillary Clinton Secretary of State. What a different election this would have been if he could. Quite recently I saw comments complaining about President Obama ~ he was just a Junior Senator, he was just a community organizer ~ they seem to forget that he was also a State Senator. Those things made Obama 100% more qualified than the arse those same critical citizens decided would do a better job.

If only we give him a chance.

That is like giving the CEO of Ace Hardware a chance to prove he can fix your toilet, or build your house. Likely that CEO would have more knowledge of replacing a flush valve or window installation than, say, your dentist, but that would not mean that s/he could actually perform the work.

Oh, lets give the guy a chance, maybe my new house will not fall down upon my head; maybe I will not have to hire a trained plumber to clean up the mess CEO caused.

He still has time to undo his first mistake ~ naming two men with no government experience (unless one considers being Chairman of the Republican Committee as working for the government,) to be Chief of Staff and Chief Strategist. A biased alt-right news executive? Will he do it? Nah, he owes Bannon a political favor; do not know much about Priebus.

"Punch him in the face. I will pay your legal fees." 

T-arse will undo his numerous calls for violence by now looking straight at the camera, pointing, saying "Stop it," to his fans?

Give him a chance?

Imagine a natural disaster right now; earthquake leveling Manhattan, perhaps.

T-bone will first go to his Twitter account ~ "this is not fair," then call his son, daughter, son-in-law asking, "What do I do now? Is this gonna hurt our business? Order cases of relabeled bottle water. Will make a killing selling that stuff. No wait, I am pres now. Give away the water. And wine, Donald Jr. start giving away wine. It is the Mexicans. The Mexicans did this.

Earthquake? What earthquake? It is a hoax started by the Chinese. USGS? What is that? Never heard of them.

National Guard get on down to my Towers, the blacks are looting my gold fixtures. Do not stop and frisk them, just execute them."

Nah, that would be too many words for the T-man.

Every president makes mistakes; think it was Lincoln who said (or reportedly said) he just did whatever made sense at the time.

A person who does not know the Constitution (ever heard of the First Amendment, D$$$$$?) whose foreign relations experience extends to business dealings in other countries, who needs to have outgoing president tutor or mentor him, 'cause he is clueless as to what a U.S.  president does.

A person like that, will be making a lot of mistakes. Hopefully not costly ones.

Give him a break?

Y'all gave him a break when you decided the president of the United States should get on the job training. Too bad the rest of us will suffer consequences of his behavior right along with y'all.

As Bill Clinton once said: Gimme a break.

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