Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Morning Call Powerball Winner Allentown Pennsylvania

Read an article in the Morning Call about a big Powerball winner; the ticket was sold in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Maybe someone I knew won it? Ha, ha.

There was one comment on the article. I tried in vain to post a reply to that comment, but the online site would not let me do so, even though I was signed into my account.  Thus I snipped and clipped the comment.

Twilliams thinks only a Republican winner should be entitled to collect their winnings. Huh? Entitled? I thought the Repub's were anti-entitlements.

Williams used the word Liberals rather than Democrats, claiming they would just blow the money away.

Okay, Mr. Williams, I know Democrats (one says she is very liberal) living in Allentown, PA.

None of them buy malt liquor; one buys Coors Light, another Budweiser Blue, another drinks wine, the other does not drink, except for an occasional Margarita or other alcoholic beverage being served at a party, even a beer now and then.

The companies they blow away their money on would be Giants, Redners, Wegmens, Journeys, Barnes & Noble, Christmas Tree Store, Target, AT&T, PSEG, Verizon, Service Electric Cable, Ross Dress for Less, Wawa, 7/11, CVS, Walgreens, Vets, dentists, doctors, hospitals (their health insurance providers do not cover all services,) Shell (I never really paid attention to the places where they buy gas for their vehicles, but do know one of them was Shell.)...

Could not begin to list them all.

One is big on Farmers Markets, likes to buy locally grown, organic, free range eggs, and stuff like that. She thinks lottery tickets are a silly waste of money. Her husband will buy an occasional scratch off ticket, (most often the winners sit in a drawer until they expire.) Once in a while another guy will buy lottery tickets ~ like when the Power Ball has a big jackpot.

I can not attest to the worthiness of those companies, and I can not ask T Williams to enlighten me as to how his snottiness determines which companies are.

The above people also "blow away" money donating to places like St. Jude's Children's Hospital, American Cancer Society, WWF (probably not deemed worthy by Williams,) World Vision ~ charities deemed worthy by those who benefit from those donations.

The only Allentown Republican I personally know gives his money to McDonalds, Mary Ann's Donut Shop, Ahart's Market, CVS ~ other places, I am sure. He drinks every day; maybe I will ask him what he drinks next time I see him. He never said "having a beer," so I assume he drinks hard liquor. Having seen him walking unsteadily towards home, I suspect he imbibes at a local bar.

He does not strike me as the kind of man that donates to worthwhile charities; being low income, and a habitual drinker. Although the Republican I know from out of town, does shower his daughters, granddaughters with lottery tickets, and he is a raging alcoholic. That man used to vote straight Democrat tickets until President Obama came along; loves the Donald. He likes to steal stuff.

I wonder how T Williams would feel about that T-lover giving lottery winnings to all those Democrats.

I do not know if my 83-year-old neighbor is a liberal. I do know she thought T$$$$ a clown, did not vote because she was sure citizens would not vote for the no-nothing, disgusting, uncouth man. She favored Hillary in this election.

She does not drink malt liquor; do not know if she buys alcoholic beverages of any kind. She has to watch her blood sugar, a heart attack survivor. Companies she gives her money to are the usual ~ pharmacies, hospitals, health insurance provider, doctors, eye doctor, and of course, the company that owns the building where she rents an apartment.

She does like to go to the Sands Casino when she has extra money saved. I do not know if a Casino is a worthwhile company. She does not play lotteries. If she won big at the Casino, she would likely be giving it to her family & friends children.

Okay this is long but those Democrats T Williams disses ~

...a young woman lost her battle with cancer leaving behind a bereaved husband and two children. Those unworthy Democrats gave money to the Go Fund Me account to help the husband pay for medical bills and funeral expenses. They have also volunteered time to serve meals to the homeless or hungry.

Yeah, real bad people those "liberals" are.

T Williams needs to get out, meet people, shed his prejudiced views before sharing his thoughts on who is worthy of winning a large Powerball jackpot. Jerk.

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