Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thinking Out Loud

Thinking out loud or more accurately typing thoughts for all to read.

Someone wrote, "The pen is mightier than the sword." Okay, I took a few seconds to look it up:  
Edward Bulwer-Lytton. Perhaps I should begin anew, edit the sentence, but I am typing out loud.

Aside: I wrote a letter to President Obama that never made it from mind to paper; pendulum swings both ways; noticed an article of that title in my e-mail inbox. Happens a lot; I think it, someone else writes, publishes my thoughts. Okay, back to my thoughts...
Is it true that the pen is mightier than the sword? I dunno, you tell me.

People on Facebook posted stuff I took personally ~ Get over it, she lost, go home, no more politics or STFU. That disturbed me. I am not upset because Hillary lost the election, did not support her, if she had lost to, say, Jeb Bush, it would be ho hum, business as usual. This is not a business as usual election. The winner promises to make drastic changes that will set progress made in these here United States of America, back to 1950s U.S. of A.

Goodbye First Amendment guarantees. Hello KKK rule. Goodbye woman's right to choose. Hello women dying because they will no longer be able to terminate a tubal pregnancy, an 
amniotic fluid poison pregnancy, an intrauterine death pregnancy. 

My mother had one ~ her baby "born dead," as she said, later learned the correct term was "still born," just recently learned it is an intrauterine death pregnancy. In today's world, a doctor can detect a dead fetus, advice a Cesarean to remove the fetus. The woman, as at least one, I read about, can opt to carry that fetus to term and deliver the unborn baby. That woman wanted the dead child to be born, then held a funeral for it.

Of course, in my mother's case, that still born child was one of a twin and the other lived. There are also pregnancies where the mother learns her baby is not developing properly in the womb; partial brain, other birth defects. Takes a special kind of love to opt to bear a child like that. Not all women are capable of doing so or have enough income to care for a brain dead child, or child with other disabilities.

The first thing I consider when evaluating a candidate is if they support Roe vs. Wade. That rules out many candidates at the starting gate. It is my single most important qualification for an elected official ~ that they support a woman's right to choose ~ that is not the same thing as approving of a doctor assisted termination of pregnancy.

Citizens can rant and rave, call other women "baby killers," but they do not have the information the woman has, the circumstances of her life that has her choosing to abort. It seems so simple to me, those are the people who need to STFU. Do not need, nor want, a president who refers to a Cesarean as "ripping it out of the womb."

Truly, those types of pregnancies abort themselves. Pence, however, will have women prove that the miscarriage was natural. WTF? Criminalized without cause? How will Pence accomplish that? Arrest the ladies, try them in a court of law? He, and Trump, and all the men who want to overturn Roe vs. Wade have never, will never experience labor and birth pains. Not their right to force females to go through that just to deliver a dead fetus or baby with severe birth defects. But they rule, so...

...helpless, hopeless, despairing for all girls growing up now.

Strayed from my thought. Is the pen mightier than the sword? Not if no one reads what one writes. I did a lot of blogging ~ think I had 6 of them at the same time, for a while. I wrote articles. No one read them. I have thoughts, opinions, I want to share, I hope to influence people ~ to understand, to consider different points of view ~ maybe even change their belief.

Aside: never mind, will start a new blog post.

So if one wants to be heard, Facebook is a good place to do it. People may skip over my Timeline posts and shares, but I often get Likes on my comments, and some replies to continue a conversation.

Have not seen, however,  that I influenced anyone. Maybe I should just STFU. I often type something then delete it. Do not know what possessed me to do this post. Just thinking out loud.

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